Discover the beauty of Islands in Quezon!

Quezon province has quite a list of natural attractions you can explore if being out under the sun, surrounded by water is your idea of one great adventure.

You can do island hopping particularly in Burdeos where most of these islands are located.

Anawan Island (Burdeos) – 18 hectares in area; disadvantage is its far location from the pier at 1.8 nautical miles


Island (Burdeos) – 15 hectares in area with white sand beach




Bakaw-Bakaw Island (Burdeos) – one hectare in land area; beach area with light brown sand; mangrove and talisay trees abound the island


Balesin Island (Polillo) – sadly it became exclusive to members of the Balesin Island Club now that it is owned by Alphaland – Balesin Corporation.

Baluti Island (Real) – located 3 km from the port of Real, the island measures 23 hectares in land area where most parts are covered with pine trees; beach has fine gray sand



Cagbalete Idslan (Mauban) – one of the most famous destinations in the whole province, most parts of the island are privately owned. Various animals can be found in the island, proving the stability of its ecosystem.


Coccoc Island (Polillo) – this umbrella-shaped island is surrounded by white sand beaches


Ikulong Island (Burdeos) – 15 hectares in land area covered by coconut trees, also with white sand beach


Kabalwa Island (Burdeos) – among the largest islands in Burdeos as it measures 40 hectares in land area, surrounded by several beaches


Katakian Island (Patnanungan) – the beach here has brown sand and nearby is a wide coral reef


Malaking Malaguinoan Island (Burdeos) – 40 hectares in land area, surrounded by a couple of white sand beaches


Pagbilao Grande (Tayabas Bay – Pagbilao) – group of islands where white sand beaches and rich fishing grounds are located


Palasan Island (Burdeos)– the biggest of all the islands in Burdeos measuring 150 hectares with several beaches surrounding it


Pasig Island (Calauag)– 25 families are inhabiting the island; you can see lots of coconut trees, cogon grass, Bermuda grass around and mangroves in some parts; beach is covered by white sand and/or rocks


Patayan Islan (Pagbilao) – one of the islands of Pagbilao Grande, it was named as such based on an old story that two men were killed by pirates in the island; this is where one end of the Tulay Buhangin is connected


Pulong Niugan (Lopez) – the biggest of the three islands of Lopez; main attractions are the colonies of coral located 50 meters from the island


Talabaan Islands (Padre Burgos) – there are two islands here, the Malaking Talabaan and the Maliit na Talabaan. The former is considered a jump-off to the beaches of Pagbilao while the latter is known for the magnificent rock piles and formations.


Tulay Buhangin Island (Padre Burgos) – famous among vacationers; one end is linked to Patayan Island




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